How You Can Help

There are so many ways you can help, from donating money and toys to volunteering and giving blood, to fund-raisers for awareness and research, to sharing on social media and telling friends to do the same. Below are just a few ways YOU can help:

(**Many of the links below are to organizations and foundations based out of Virginia and North Carolina. To find out how you can donate to those local to you, please contact your closest Children’s Hospital.)


Monetary Donations:
Research is the only way a cure for childhood cancer will ever be found. Not only does it take time to run tests, case studies, and drug trials, but it also takes money. Every little bit helps!

Below are links to organizations and foundations where your monetary donations will be greatly appreciated:

Donate Blood and Platelets:
This is a BIG one! Childhood cancer patients can end up having a lot of transfusions during their treatments. Platelets are vital to these children, and presently, the blood banks are running very low. The gift of blood could save a child’s life!

Below are places where you can donate blood and platelets:
American Red Cross

Donate Items:
Ever think about what a child does during their extended stays in the hospital? They have a playroom with toys, puzzles and games. But that room, and everything inside it, has to be kept extremely clean due the low immune systems of the patients. Some items can only be played with once and then they must be thrown away. Also, there are organizations who create care packs for families of patients, build playsets, and even help remodel homes to adjust to the new needs of the patient while they are at home.

Below are a list of items you can donate to different foundations and organizations:

  • Children’s Hospitals are in need of the following:
    paint     Play-Doh     coloring books     construction paper
    puzzles     dolls     video games
    all kinds of craft supplies like pom-poms and googly eyes
  • ROC Solid – Donate time, money, building materials. For more information check out their website.
  • ADIPSY – time, money, fund-raising opportunities. For more information check out their website.

Donate Your Time:
Looking at the same four walls, the same faces day in and day out for weeks at a time can make a person kind of stir crazy. And sometimes, the kids who are on extended says in the hospital just get tired of seeing only their family, their nurses and doctors. It’s nice to see someone new occasionally! Donating your time and volunteering to offer some companionship to childhood cancer patients doesn’t just help the kids, either. That thirty minutes you hangout in the room, reading or watching TV and talking with a child, could be the ONLY break their parent has gotten that day. So this small offering would be appreciated more than you will ever know.

Or maybe you know of a group or celebrity who would like to visit?
A visit from local sports stars, college sports teams, entertainers, and of course, just about any celebrity, does more for these kids’ morale than you realize. After being poked and prodded all day, feeling sick and fatigued, a visit like that can boost their spirits, which is so very important in their battle against cancer.
The sad truth is that many of these children may never get to play sports, meet celebrities, or even go to college. So having someone take time of their busy schedules to visit means the world to them. It’s an experience they will cherish!


Spreading awareness of childhood cancer is a cause that is very important to us. The more we educate about childhood cancer, the more attention it will receive. Which could lead to more funding, more research and hopefully, a CURE!

Spread the word:
To help us spread awareness, share articles, blog posts and pictures on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and all the other ones out there.

Here are a few Facebook Pages you can follow to get more information and content to share:

Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters (CHKD)
Heroes & Cops Against Childhood Cancer 
Go Gold – Childhood Cancer Awareness
Coalition Against Childhood Cancer 
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 

Here are a few Twitter hashtags to use when tweeting for awareness:

Support and Spread the Word About Events:
You can also create events and hold fund-raisers to help local children and their families with medical expenses. If you are unable to sponsor an event, you can share and spread the word about other events being held to raise awareness. Check out our EVENTS page to see what’s coming up!

*If you would like to add events or more information to any of the lists above, please drop us a message HERE.

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